Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Rare officially updated it's scribes section with details (scarce, mind you) on updates coming down the pipe for Kameo: Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero.

Kameo's cooperative play is still in the works for Kameo: Elements of Power, but no exact details have been revealed on all that will be available for downloadable content.

As far as Perfect Dark Zero is concerned, multiplayer maps will soon be ready, "We're making more levels for multiplayer, and we'll be doing a title update to fix some of the annoying issues players have with the game. More news on when exactly that's going to happen will come later on down the line. Clan functionality was supposed to be available from the MGS side, but it didn't make it in for launch."


Opera Software today announced that it will deliver the an Opera browser to Japanese Nintendo DS handhelds allowing users to surf the Internet wirelessly using their DS. The Opera browser for Nintendo DS will be sold as a DS cardand users will be able to connect to a network, and begin browsing on two screens. With an on-screen keypad and stylus, users can easily navigate the Web from their Nintendo DS with PDA-like functionality. The Opera Browser DS card will retail for 3,800 yen ($32).

"The incredibly popular Nintendo DS is already Wi-Fi enabled to support real-time gaming, so adding Web browsing capabilities was a natural evolution for this device," says Scott Hedrick, Executive Vice President, Opera Software. "Gaming devices are growing more advanced and a great Web experience is becoming a product differentiator for gaming manufacturers. Opera is excited to work with Nintendo to deliver a unique dual screen, full Internet experience on Nintendo DS."

"Within just five seconds of turning on the system, the Nintendo DS is already fully operational. This makes it the ideal device to enable people to swiftly obtain the latest information from the internet, wherever they are," says Masaru Shimomura, Deputy General Manager of Nintendo's R & D Department. "Opera exceeded our expectations with its user friendly interface, quick access to all your favorite sites, ease of use and, most importantly, in making the best use of the Nintendo DS system's unique double screens and touch screen features. Opera is an important partner for Nintendo in our efforts to further expand the users of the Nintendo DS."

Nintendo also announced that they will be releasing a card with a digital television receiver allowing users to watch television for mobile devices that Japanese broadcasters will be offering beginning on April 1st. Further details about the television receiver were not available at this time.

Whether or not these two cards will be available overseas still has not been determined. It is likely, however, Nintendo doesn't always release hardware accessories worldwide. For example, Nintendo's media centric Play-Yan device that allows Game Boy Advances and Nintendo DSs to play video and audio files still hasn't made it out of Japan.

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