Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tomb Raider Legend Walkthrough and Game Guide - ENGLAND - King Arthur's Tomb?

This game was great until I got to the boss in the King Arthur level. Apparently there's a glitch that makes it impossible to beat the big snake boss. I would have to go back to a saved game or even start the game over in order to get passed it. WTF?! How about a patch, Eidos?

Anyway, I would have highly recommended this game until that happened. Now I'm pissed about it. It cost me achievements!

See below...

Tomb Raider Legend Walkthrough and Game Guide - ENGLAND - King Arthur's Tomb?:

"Fighting the snake monster - You cannot kill the snake monster directly (by shooting at it) so do not waste your time and ammo. Do not let its size scare you! There are four tanks in the water with a lever each. You have to approach each tank and shoot it (that's why the target appears). The monster will hear the sound of the tank, be hypnotized and turn its head towards the cage that is hanging. You then have to quickly use the Grapple, catch the lever and pull it to lower the cage and hit the monster. You can understand that you made it correctly, when a brief cut scene will show the monster destroying the tank. Since there are four tanks, you need to repeat the same procedure three more times.

The monster not only attacks with its head, but it also spit toxic liquid. This takes some of your health, but also tosses Lara up. If you are close to the lake, you will fall into. The moster will then get you and throw you to the ground, which makes you lose more health. So, stay away from the lake as much as you can (not too far away though and make your job harder). In case you lower the cage without a succesful hit, do not stay to the spot and do not shoot the tank. The monster will not hear the noise while the cage goes up. You better go for another tank.

[Bug note: Many people have encountered a bug with the two front cages (those in the middle of the pool), where they do not lower when the the levers are pulled. So, start with the front tanks first in case you will not be able to lower the cages after spending time with the back ones. If you are a console player and after trying a couple of times the bug still occurs, you need to load a previous saved game. Otherwise, you will have to start the game from the beginning (we have not found a solution for this bug until now). If you are a PC player, you can download a saved game.]"
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