Thursday, April 08, 2010

Rock Band Photography

We took Rhys to get some pictures taken at Target last night. Of course, they turned out great. He doesn't know how to take a bad picture.

I'm amazed at the expense and disparity of portrait pricing. We sat down to look at all the poses and choose our favorites, and to choose what package we wanted. I had a coupon for 40% off, among some others that I had printed. The cheapest package is $175! Uh, 40% off of that is still damn expensive, Target.

One of the other coupons we had was for a one pose package for $7.99, plus a free 8x10. So, I can either "save" 40% off of a package and spend over $100, or spend eight bucks. Decisions are hard!

What sucks is, you sit there looking at all the poses and she prices out the package, then you have to go through the fun of telling her you can't afford to spend that much. The portrait lady kind of makes you feel like a bad parent because you don't want to buy all the pictures of your kid. And it's not like they work off commission, so what's with the sales pressure?

Anyway, I think they all turned out really good. We bought that Rock Band shirt before he was even born, and we've been waiting for him to grow into it. Handsome hunk!
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