Thursday, April 09, 2009

It's Been A Week

Man, it's been a week so far. I finally feel like I'm recovered from moving. My whole body ached on Monday and Tuesday, but feels better today. I worked Tuesday night, so I was kinda cranky last night. I'm really glad Rhea puts up with me on those days because I'm just a big ass sometimes. I don't mean it. I just get irritated much easier. Usually not with her, but just stuff in general.

For instance, Lost was coming on. I only had the bedroom tv hooked up and figured we would just watch it in there. Well, thanks to the DTV conversion b.s., I couldn't get channel 8. Not even in analog. I guess that means it wasn't the the DTV thing. I really don't know. All I know is it pissed me off because I was missing my damn show.

So, I headed into the living room and dug out the stuff for the big tv and got it set up. I was just so damn irritated. I was cussing the tv, the rabbit ears, the power cord, ABC, etc. Anyway, I got it set up and it was glorious.

Seriously, Lost just keeps getting better and better. But I digress.
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