Monday, July 06, 2009


We went to Target on Saturday morning for some family photos. I think they turned out really well. We had a coupon that saved us some money.

What kills me is, they originally tried to charge us like $130 for the stuff we picked out. Mainly because of the few things we ordered that were outside the package deal. Once we removed the announcements (that were almost $50!), the price went down and we checked out.

I'm amazed that they can charge so much for one sheet. We cruise in with a coupon for $3.99 a sheet, and their normal prices are upwards of $15 to $30! What kind of profit margin is that? We all know that photo printing and paper is not that expensive. There's not a guy in a dark room developing our pictures somewhere. It's all digital. I mean, the fact that they can even offer a coupon with such a discount means that the prices are totally inflated.

Anyway, Rhys slept the whole time. Then we stroller'd around Target for a bit. Saturday night we went to Alana's for some 4th of July festivities. The food was delicious. Then we went home and crashed.
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