Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More To Love

We watched the new Fox reality show More To Love last night. It's a good show with a lot of potential. There were also a bunch of unintentional laughs. I had a lot of fun making fat jokes, but it's ok because I'm a big dude. It's kind of like being able to say the n-word only when you're black.

It was kind of funny, because a lot of the conversation between the ladies and the guy revolved around food. Not to mention every commercial that came on was for some type of food. I guess Fox knows their target audience.

At one point, Rhea made the proclamation that they should have a reality show like this for amputees. I personally think this is an amazing idea. We would call it Out On A Limb. My only question would be whether you would have a chick looking for a man or vice versa. I don't know the stats on men vs. women amputees. The only thing I do know is, all the contestants would have to put their prostheses on a table at some point. Then, the one to go home is the one that gets their arm/leg back at the end of the night.

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