Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2 Fat 2 Fly / 2 Legit 2 Quit

I kind of want to weigh in (pun!) on the whole Kevin Smith too fat to fly thing. I have a couple things that bug me about it, none of which really revolve around him being too fat or what the airline did.

I'm really just annoyed that he's finally getting some mass media coverage, and it's because of his weight. That and the fact that I watched the entire Entertainment Tonight show the other day because they had a doctor that was supposedly going to give insight into just how fat he is. And after many many teases and commercial breaks, the doctor really only gave us "he's probably over 300 pounds".

Well, thank you!

First off, let's go ahead and say it. 300 pounds is heavy, but not near as heavy as the public at large (pun!) thinks it is. I myself am 270 right now. Yes, I'm a big dude. Am I so big I don't fit places? No. Am I so big I can't walk or require the use of a motorized cart? Hell no.

Not only am I not handicapped by my "massive girth", I can still see my penis! I call that a good thing. (I also call it something else, but I'm not sure I want to type "purple-headed yogurt slinger" on my blog...wait...what?)

So, while I know that I'm not the healthiest guy around, I know that I eat relatively well and I'm not actively gaining weight. I maintain and I live. Someday I will get serious about dropping some pounds and that's great. I want to be healthier for my son. Does that mean I'm not content with me right now? No, I'm cool. I'm happy.

Anyway, I feel for Kevin Smith being put up as a fat poster child. It's easy to make self-deprecating jokes about your weight, but when somebody else does it, it stings a little. Like, it's OK for me to acknowledge it, but you don't need to remind me. I think it's like being able to make a racist joke if you're the race you're making fun of. Unless you're Jewish, then you're fair game.

Bottom line is, he got screwed by the airline. He's gotten his revenge, plus plenty of publicity whether he likes it or not. It doesn't make me like him any less. Hell, I've been listening and reading to everything he's posted on the subject. It does suck that it's an actual story and gotten this much traction.

Personally, I just want to see Cop Out.
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