Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cough Drops And Coffee Filters

Sometimes I wonder how companies make money on their products. I bought a package of cough drops recently that had like 200 in there. When am I going to ever suck on 200 cough drops? And it only cost me like $.88 cents. How does that work? I buy the only package of cough drops I will need for the next three years and you get $.88 cents?

Even worse is the coffee filter industry. How do you possibly make money!? I bought a package of coffee filters back in like 1999 and just recently had to buy new. That's over a decade! And they cost me like $1! Not to mention the coffee maker I bought at the same time in 1999 was like $13. The only thing you really have to buy is the actual coffee. How does this industry sustain itself?! I spend $15 on all the hardware I will ever need to make coffee for the next 12 years and your company slowly goes bankrupt waiting for me to buy more.

No wonder Starbucks charges $5 for a cup of joe.
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