Monday, March 30, 2009

Halo Wars Done!

It's going to be a busy week this week. We have to finish packing before we move. Fortunately, I took this week off from Kohl's, so it should be fine. I worked Friday and Saturday night, so no packing got done this weekend. I did accomplish one thing, though...

I finished Halo Wars!

That's right, I finished a game. I didn't think it was possible either. I haven't finished Gears 2 yet, but it had to go on the back burner while I killed some Covenant.

As far as my final opinion goes, I loved the story in Halo Wars and the cutscenes were fucking amazing. Once I finished, I sat and watched just the cutscenes from start to finish and marveled at them. Why can't they just make the Halo movie like this?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Music...Wednesday?

Man, I've been getting a lot of new music lately. Some of it I've even paid for! For instance, Rhea pre-ordered the new Blue October album and we got it on Monday. Then we went last night and I picked up the reissue of Pearl Jam's Ten at Best Buy. I've also recently downloaded the new Kelly Clarkson, U2, Pop Evil, Hurt, Hoobastank, Chris Cornell, All That Remains, Franz Ferdinand, and The Fray. And no, I'm not going to hyperlink all those. Google it yourself!

Anyway, I ended up dropping $50 on the package you see pictured, plus 1600 Microsoft points so I could download it in Rock Band 2. I know it's a lot of money, but damn was it worth it! The new remixes are great. It's like going from gaming on a Xbox in standard-def to a Xbox 360 in 1080p!

I played through most of the songs last night. It's so good! Best thing I've ever downloaded by far. Just wish it had achievements. lol!

Oh, and I heart Kelly Clarkson!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Packing Up

We're getting everything packed up. It's really a pain in the ass to move. It always makes me wonder if everyone has as much stuff as we do. I also always wonder if people move like we do. I wrap everything fragile up in newspaper and pack it.

Packing 1

It's just funny because for as long as we've lived in apartments, I've only ever seen a handful of people actually move in or out. And when I do, I don't see that much stuff. Not boxes upon boxes and furniture galore. Just like a couch and a bookshelf and they're done. What's up with that?

In other news, we recorded episode 3 of the Uncanny Gamers last night. I really like how the show is going. It's kind of liberating to be free to talk about whatever we want. Not that we didn't do that before, but now I guess it just feels like we don't have people sitting there wondering why we're not talking about Animal Crossing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going Green

We went to Texas Road House last night for dinner. I decided to down a green beer in honor of St Patrick's Day. It was delicious.

Nothing makes green beer look cooler than the Color Splash app!

And I'm out!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo Apps

My current obsession is with photo apps on my iPhone. I got the Quad Camera app a couple weeks ago and really love it. Then I purchased the Color Splash app and pissed my pants due to its awesomeness. Then I downloaded the ezimba app for free this morning. It's almost more than my Flickr can handle!

The Color Splash app is genius! It takes all the color out of a picture, then you can paint the color back into it wherever you want. Totally worth the $1.99!

Buffy color app

Then I discovered this! The quad animator lets you make .gif files out of your quad shots. How cool is that!?

buffy animated 1

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Update

I hate it when there's a week between posts, but what are you gonna do? I've been busy with other stuff like packing, working, and The Uncanny Gamers. I've also been feeling like crap with a damn cold. Good times...

We've finally nailed down where we are moving to. Now we just need to get some movers scheduled and we will be in business. Well, that and to actually finish packing. THEN we'll be in business.

We watched Role Models last night. That's a hilarious movie. I loved it. not really much else to say about it. I also recommend Zack And Miri Make A Porno. Extremely funny.

Anyway, I'm still around. Doing stuff. Keepin' it real.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Best Game Week Ever!

Eff yea

This has been an awesome week for me as far as gaming goes. First, I got Street Fighter IV on Tuesday. Then yesterday I got Halo Wars from Amazon thanks to Alana! And it's the Limited Edition! Sweet fancy moses!

I've also been working on the Uncanny Gamers site a little bit. And I got the show feed set up through Just need to submit it to iTunes and the Zune Marketplace and we'll be in business.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Corporate Crap

So, I worked overnight at Kohl's last night. Around 10:30 I was called into the store manager's office. Everyone was called in individually, so it wasn't like I was singled out. Anyway, I was given a warning because of my attendance. Basically I've been late or called in like 26 times. Mostly late. So, I signed the sheet and said "thank you" like a good worker bee.

Of course, now that I've had some time to think about it, it's a little irritating. You're late if it's more than 5 minutes. I wasn't aware they were such sticklers for time. What really brings this one home is the fact that they're worried about us being late by more than 5 minutes, but the people up there that don't bathe on a regular basis get a pass.

And how about the guy that either comes into work drunk or gets drunk through the course of the night? It's common knowledge that he's never sober, and everybody looks the other way. Meanwhile he's shaking like a leaf and smells like liquor is seeping out of his pores.

Basically, we need to get a handle on this attendance thing. It's become a real problem. Sure, you come in clean and sober and do your work. Sure, you're able to string a sentence together and form a coherent thought. But, heaven forbid you come in 6 minutes late. That's the real crime.

Stupid company policies really piss me off. I'm an adult. I'm not coming in and whacking it in the bra department. Just leave me alone and let me do my job!