Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bad Service Great Food

As everyone knows, Buffalo Wild Wings has $.40 wings on Tuesday. It's tough to resist, especially given the fact that they have my favorite flavor of anything there, mango habanero. It's so good I would slather it on a brick and eat it. I've actually made the comment to Rhea that I would put it on my wang and attempt to lick it off. That wouldn't hurt at all, would it?

Anyway, the only problem with BWW is the service. We've gone there quite a bit since we discovered the place and I can honestly say that we've had good service maybe twice.

Last night continued our streak of bad service. It was almost novelty bad. I mean, we sat there for a good 10 minutes before I decided to flag down a waitress to take our drink order. The funny thing is, she was our waitress. So, she finally came back and took our order. Then the wait began.

We literally sat there and watched people all around us that came in AFTER us get their food, pay, and leave. After like 30 minutes of this I flagged down a guy that looked managerial and told him that we had been waiting for a long time. Of course we find out that she's new. Maybe you should be on top of her then instead of letting her ruin the experience of every table she waits on.

Anyway, we finally got our delicious wings. He also gave us 50% off, so that helped.

What I think is funny is that no matter how bad the service is there we keep coming back. I guess that's a testament to how good the wings are. And that says nothing about the fiery after effects in the bathroom the morning after.
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