Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gears of War Event

I went to one of my local Gamestops last night for the Gears after hours event. I actually went to two Gamestops, but the first one wasn't holding the tournament because nobody had signed up. So, I ran to another one that was right down the road and got in.

First, we watched the video hosted by Cliffy B. It was maybe two minutes long. There was some cool looking gameplay shown, but not a lot obviously. Cliffy said that you would be fighting on the highest peak of Sera to the lowest...area. Something like that. It was over so quick I barely remember.

The GS manager told us later that the video was "defective" and that it should have been an hour and a half long. I don't really know if I believe that. The video we watched during the first event wasn't that long. Not sure they would produce an hour and a half of video for this little event, but whatever.

So, then they got our names and started up the "tournament". It was basically one round, 1 vs 1, on Gridlock. They removed all the power weapons so nobody could "get lucky with the boomshot". I was knocked out the first round, which wasn't a huge surprise to me. It was a close match, though. It ended up with us at very close range using shotguns on each other. Both of our screens were bloody. He just happened to get a lucky shot.

By the way, we had to play on the Xbox 360 kiosk machine and the little LCD display on split screen. And we watched Cliffy's video on what I think was a 13" CRT. Very nice!

I did get a t-shirt out of the deal, so I'm happy.
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