Friday, January 09, 2009

Hellboy 2

We watched The Golden Army last night (on beautiful blu-ray). All in all it was a decent flick. I don't think it was as awesome as the first Hellboy, but it still had a few good moments.

The part that kind of killed any immersion I may have had was when (spoiler alert) the giant elemental was tearing up the place and Hellboy was running over parked cars WITH A BABY. Yes, he was swaddling a fucking baby while bounding over cars. Then, instead of put the baby down or pass it off to someone, he carries it up the side of a building WITH HIS TAIL. Then, in an even more ridiculous display, he tosses the baby skyward in order to load his weapon. Then, of course, he catches the baby and it's fine.

There are so many things wrong with this scenario I don't even know how it goes from the page to the screen. I understand that Hellboy isn't exactly grounded in reality, but there have to be some things that are consistent between the real world and the movie. Being able to treat a baby like a football doesn't work in real life. It can't work in Hellboy.

Even worse is when Hellboy hands the baby back to the mother and she (and the crowd) start yelling at him and calling him a monster because he seemingly attacked the baby. Now, I'm no genius here, but I'm assuming that if Hellboy wanted to hurt the baby he wouldn't have delivered it safely back to the mother.

It bugs me because this happens more often than not in movies. A superhero, beit Spider-Man or Hellboy or Batman, saves somebody, and the crowd immediatly turns on them. It's like the crowd is full of complete morons that can't process what just happened, so they just get mad at the hero. How does that work? And in the case of Hellboy, why does the mom get mad? She can see the baby is fine (even though he shouldn't be after what just happened).

By the way, what was the deal with that smoke guy? Kinda dumb.
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