Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Icepocalypse 2009!

The great ice storm came in last night bringing with it a sheet Of course, being in Texas, everyone collectively shit themselves in sheer terror because maybe, just maybe, the roads will be slick.

Me, I decided to work from home today because I didn't want to chance being hit by another crazy Texan that is either super dedicated to their job or just can't afford to have a day off work. Either way, it's been nice being home.

That being said, today hasn't been completely without incident. We sold the Wii on eBay this weekend, and I boxed it up last night. When it was time for Rhea to go to work (the mail runs through rain, sleet, ice, etc) I carried the big box outside for her. I was almost to her car when my legs were suddenly out from under me and I was face first on pavement. Awesome! Luckily nothing was broken (except my pride ::sniff::). The box was ok, too.

Here's a picture of what it was like this morning around 6:30 am.

Icy conditions

I felt like Owen Wilson in Armageddon. "So, pretty much the scarriest environment imaginable."
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