Monday, January 19, 2009

A Weekend of Stuff

It was a nice weekend off for us. Well, I say us. Rhea had to work on Saturday, of course, but she's off today thanks to MLK. That's not really fair and I'm very upset about it. lol!

We watched Righteous Kill and The House Bunny this weekend. House Bunny was pretty funny. I liked it. Righteous Kill was decent if you don't mind watching Al Pacino's face age right before your eyes.

I took the girls over to my parent's house and wore their asses out yesterday. It's always funny when we get home because they just pass out. You wouldn't even know we had dogs except for Buffy's snoring.

I submitted a stupid song to the GameHounds podcast. It's kinda gay but funny. Not like me at all.

I also had a thought this weekend. How about a mod in Gears of War 2's horde mode called Whore Mode. Basically, it's never ending waves of coked up hookers coming at you with their handbags and pepper spray. Cliffy, are you taking notes?
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